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Melanie Ellsworth writes in an old barn in Maine, surrounded by books. Her picture book titles include Hip, Hip…Beret!, Clarinet and Trumpet, and Battle of the Books. As a former ESOL teacher and literacy specialist with a Masters in Language and Literacy, Melanie loves creating books that make kids laugh while they learn! Visit Melanie at, on Twitter @melanieells, or on Instagram @melaniebellsworth.

​Book Descriptions & Info​

Hip, Hip…Beret!

Illustrated by Morena Forza
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, February 23, 2021)
ISBN: 9780358137283

Description: HIP, HIP…BERET! celebrates the joyful, whimsical adventure of a beret in the wind. Grand-père gifts Bella the hat she’s always wanted – a beret! But just as she places it on her head, a gust of wind whisks it away. When the beret lands in a chef’s pan . . . hip, hip, soufflé! When it lands on the head of a dancer . . . hip, hip, ballet! The wind continues to sweep the hat farther and farther away. Will Bella ever get back her beloved beret?

HIP, HIP…BERET! is a perfect choice for story time with its repetition, rhyme, and hilarious wordplay. On the cover and inside the book, find a few touchable berets as an interactive and tactile element to engage young readers.

​Clarinet and Trumpet

Illustrated by John Herzog
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, March 30, 2021)
ISBN: 9780358107477​

Description: Clarinet and Trumpet are friends from the very first note. But their friendship falls flat when a new woodwind – Oboe – sets the tone in the music room. Trumpet tries everything to regain Clarinet’s attention, but Clarinet won’t change her tune. The story crescendos until the woodwinds face off against the brass section in an ear-splitting musical duel. How will Clarinet and Trumpet bring the band back together again and save their melodious friendship? With pun-filled text and emotive illustrations, Clarinet and Trumpet honors the important role music plays in creating community. The book has a built-in shaker, so readers can join the band, too!

Themes: Friendship, community, music, instrument groups


Illustrated by James Rey Sanchez
(Little Bee Books, August 23, 2022)
ISBN: 9781499812725

Description: In this competition to be chosen as a bedtime story, may the best book win!

In Josh’s bedroom, tension mounts as his books battle over who will be chosen for story time. It’s every book for itself – until Pirate Book needs rescuing, and the books must use their unique talents to save him. But when story time arrives, the battle resumes.

This energetic picture book celebrates the magic of stories and the joy of choosing your favorite books.

Themes: Friendship, community, book genres, story time, bedtime

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Photo by Amy Wilton
Photo by Amy Wilton

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